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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I want an animation that will never be published. But the content might be considered illegal or very offensive.

A: I reserve the right to refuse a project or stop work on a project for any reason. If you know it is illegal, don't ask.

Q: I want a sex animation of _____________________________________.

A: I have no issues with animating nudity or fantasy situations. But honestly, there are some things that are better as a live action film. I am happy to direct you to those film producers if needed. Of course, anything I do animate, must be legal for your age, disposition and location.

Q: Can you create an animation just for myself with ____________ (famous character, place, person or thing) in it?

A: Maybe. Since I am doing commercial work (for you), I will need a license to use that likeness. This license may also restrict "how" it is used. Lets say you want Sandra Bullock dancing in the nude. Ms. Bullock probably does not want that to be created. But, I may be able to get a license to have Ms. Bullock walking down the runway in a nice dress. * If * I am able to get a license, the cost of obtaining that license will be added to the cost of the animation. If I am not able to get the license then I will not do the animation.

Q: The characters in the animation do not look like what I wanted to see. Can I change the characters?

A: As part of the proposal, I will show you stills and simple animations of each of the characters I will use. Once the contract is signed, I will work hard to complete your animation. Any alterations from the original contract will be at an additional cost. For instance, lets say you contracted for one character. And, you determine you don't like the character from watching the pre-vis. I will need to regenerate and render any parts of the animation I have already completed. The new character may not line up with the old character. This means I may have to re-animate the character into the scene. That can include changing the scene layout, framing and timing. Effectively, I would be doing the work twice. Its important to be honest in the planning stages. If a character doesn't seem quite right, I can show test stills before the contract. Of course, new insights can change the scope of your project, I am happy to work with you to minimize the costs.

Q: I want to do _________________. But you or the license say I cannot do that. Why not?

A: Most of the content I use is licensed from other people solely to create animations. If the animation is altered or deconstructed to its individual bits, it is possible you could try to use one of those pieces for an unlicensed purpose. Lets say I created an animation for you where a Michael Jackson like character says "A B C". Because the animation is focused on other things, the Michael Jackson Estate deems my use is minimal and grants me a license to use the character and quote for a fee. Then, after you receive the animation I created, you extract the "A B C" phrase out to use for other purposes. The license from the Micheal Jackson Estate was only for the animation I created. Any other use no matter how the content was acquired is prohibited. You would have to go back to the Michael Jackson Estate and obtain a new license for your new use.